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Located in NE Minneapolis, Northeast Tea House is a refuge of calm where guests can linger over tea, talk, read, meditate, think and just be.

35 curated teas to stay or for take-out, hot or iced

fresh matcha, house-milled daily

sweet & savory snacks

gifts, books, tea ware


Reconnect with a team, friends or family you  haven't seen anywhere but on a screen lately.

We have just the thing.

Wild Vietnamese

Tea Flights This Weekend!

Snow Princess Sheng

Forest Genie Sheng

Five Penny Green

$13 single / $16 double

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How I Got Here ...

Hi. I'm Simon Parish, the founder of Northeast Tea House. I've never been much of a conformist and after finishing college knew I had to carve out a career that would speak to me personally. Also, I feel a strong desire to contribute to my community and do my part to spread joy and well-being to others. Nurturing my own well-being during my college years in NYC involved daily meditation and working at a renowned Brooklyn tea house, where I supplemented my formal studies of history and world religions with a deep dive into the styles, traditions, chemistry and benefits of tea. Those experiences have led me to Northeast Tea House.

My dream is to establish Northeast Tea House as a get-away from the distractions and anxieties of our modern world. Designed as a calming, meditative space, NTH revolves around this remarkable ability of tea, when prepared and consumed in manners that are centuries old, to inhibit anxiety and reinforce a powerful sense of calm and mindfulness. In addition, our themes include friendship, conversation, thoughtfulness and a deep appreciation for tea's flavors and East Asian culture.

I really hope to see you there!

About Our Matcha

If you made it this far into our site, you probably already know how extraordinarily popular matcha has become in the USA. The last time I looked, my local supermarket (Lunds) carried no less than twelve different teas that boasted "matcha" on the label!  Starbuck's matcha lattes are a sensation and you can even purchase bags of matcha powder at Costco.  All for good reason.  Whether talking about health benefits, flavor profiles, texture or complexity, matcha is amazing.

What you may not know is that the difference between commercially available matcha - no matter how high the quality - and freshly milled matcha is night and day.  I promise, you will be stunned. That's why we purchased and imported (no easy task) an authentic granite matcha mill from Japan and have sourced tencha - the tea leaves that are milled into matcha - through a friend who lives in Wazuka Japan and works directly with local growers. As far as we can tell, NTH is only the 2nd or 3rd location in the country that's milling fresh matcha, both for in-store drinks and for packaged sales to our customers.

So far, we've imported Samidori, Asahi and Okumidori cultivars - all harvested in 2019 - and have been testing various blends and milling techniques.  The results have been incredible; I can't wait to see your reaction when you taste the difference!

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