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In Person or Remote

For centuries, tea has had the power to help people connect, relax and experience a respite from day-to-day stress. This is especially true when prepared in the traditional gongfu method that focuses the senses on the depth and variations in flavors, textures and aromas.  

Gongfu involves a higher leaf to water ratio that allows the flavors and aromas of the tea to delight and develop with a series of small brews.  This is an inherently “mindful” process that brings the participant into the present moment.

For the Northeast Tea House Gongfu experience, each participant receives everything needed to prepare tea in the traditional Gongfu way. Your group will meet either in person or via Zoom (or other) for a lesson on Gongfu tea preparation and tasting, with a focus on how flavors change and evolve with each new steeping.  The experience leader will also explain the differences among teas, highlighting the tea selected for the group, a discussion of the intersection of tea culture and meditation, and an overview of the many observed benefits of tea.  

Each participant receives:

  • Gaiwan - Steeping Cup w/Lid

  • Tea Strainer

  • Small Glass Tea Pitcher

  • Two Tea Tasting Cups

  • 16 oz Thermos

  • 1 oz of specially selected, seasonal tea



  • Cost - $55/participant plus shipping if remote

  • Minimum - 5 participants

  • Timing - as available in store; at least 2 weeks in advance if remote

  • Duration - 45-60 minutes

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