Hi. I'm Simon Parish, the founder of Northeast Tea House. I've never been much of a conformist and after finishing college knew I had to carve out a career that would speak to me personally. Also, I feel a strong desire to contribute to my community and do my part to spread joy and well-being to others. Nurturing my own well-being during my college years in NYC involved daily meditation and working at a renowned Brooklyn tea house, where I supplemented my formal studies of history and world religions with a deep dive into the styles, traditions, chemistry and benefits of tea. Those experiences have led me to Northeast Tea House.

My dream is to establish Northeast Tea House as a get-away from the distractions and anxieties of our modern world. Designed as a calming, meditative space, NTH revolves around this remarkable ability of tea, when prepared and consumed in manners that are centuries old, to inhibit anxiety and reinforce a powerful sense of calm and mindfulness. In addition, our themes include friendship, conversation, thoughtfulness and a deep appreciation for tea's flavors and East Asian culture.

I really hope to see you there!


Head Tea Guy

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Tea and Mindfulness ...

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Traditional Asian methods of brewing tea typically involve a succession of steepings from the same tea leaves. This means that over a single tea session, the flavors, aromas, and impressions evolve from batch-to-batch. As a result, drinking tea becomes a dynamic process that draws one ever back to the novelty of each and every moment. Meanwhile, the attention paid to the brewing process itself only serves to heighten this present-mindedness.


Drinking tea in this way creates the perfect conditions for mindfulness, and almost always leaves one feeling much more at ease than when they began. There is nothing left to do, nothing to wait for, no instructions to uphold, and no training required – tea guides the way to a place of calm without effort. Little wonder, then, that Buddhist monks have been revering tea in this way for centuries! It is also for this reason that tea facilitates connection and friendship so well; when people are present – and able to sip some tea before speaking – they end up listening much, much more deeply. Northeast Tea House aims to make this remarkable and satisfying relationship with tea (and, by extension, with each other) easily accessible to all by providing a space specifically designed around the mindful appreciation of tea.