Unique Tea, Amazing Matcha and Memorable Gifts!

Nearly all of the tea and tea ware we carry comes to us from Asia by special order, which means we need to live with fairly limited freight options available in the time of COVID-19.  We're doing our best to keep our inventory fresh while constantly putting in orders to refill popular items and to stock new items that strike us!

With that in mind, we've assembled a number of gift sets and selected individual items that can be purchased on-line and either shipped or held in the shop for pick-up.  It's a great way for you to make certain you're giving the perfect gift without worrying about if it's in stock.


Matcha By The Tin


Matcha & Loose Leaf Subscriptions

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Loose Leaf Tea & Cakes

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Tea Ware & Other Gifts

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Making Matcha at Home

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