Northeast Tea House stone mills fresh matcha daily, on a granite matcha mill imported from Japan, and source tencha - the specially grown tea leaves that become matcha - through a friend who lives in Wazuka Japan and works directly with local growers.  NTH is the only place in the country that mills fresh matcha, both for in-store drinks and for packaged sales to our customers.


The flavors, aromas and textures of the matcha we're producing are extraordinary! 




True ... NTH Matcha costs more, though when you taste our matcha you'll definitely see (and love) the difference. The main reason it's more expensive than commercially milled matcha is that we only mill in small batches, on a daily basis, to insure freshness.  Between hand-sorting out the leaves and stems from the tencha, milling at slow speeds to make sure unwanted heat doesn't break down the leaves and affect the flavors, and hand-sifting the matcha powder 3x before packaging, we produce only about 50g of matcha per hour. Thus, the higher price and extraordinary flavor and texture.

Okumidori - Harvested Spring 2020

  • The spring 2020 Okumidori harvest is smooth and floral.  This is a very "easy" matcha to enjoy - especially for those who don't love the "spicy" notes of some matcha, and pairs really well with a sweet snack like mochi.