Hei Jin Gang Clay is a blend of Zi Ni (Purple Clay) and Bao Lan Zhu Ni.  It's dark in color with some purple and brown with a small amount of sand mixed in.  Porous and perfect for seasoning with Pu-erhs or Oolongs.  It's also good for Hei Cha (like Fu Brick, Tian Jian or Liu Bao).  Bao Lan Zhu Ni is bluish in its natural state then turns a deep brown-black when fired. Bao Lan Zhu Ni is from the western part of Yixing county near the Yellow Dragon mountain.


This style of Bao Lan Zhu Ni, has sand added to the give the clay a rough "dimpled" texture.  Nice fast pour and good lid fit


Volume is 200 ml

Hei Jin Gang Clay "Gao Shi Piao" Yixing Teapot