Each participant receives everything needed to prepare tea in the traditional gongfu method. The group is led via Zoom (or other) by Northeast Tea House founder and Head Tea Guy, Simon Parish, who will provide an explanation of the differences among teas, highlighting the tea selected for the group, a discussion of the intersection of tea culture and meditation, and a lesson on gongfu tea preparation and tasting, with a focus on how flavors change and flow with each new steeping.


  • Gaiwan - Steeping Cup w/Lid

  • Tea Strainer

  • Small Glass Tea Pitcher

  • Two Tea Tasting Cups

  • 16 oz Thermos

  • 1 oz of specially selected, seasonal tea



Cost - $55/participant
Minimum - 5 participants
Maximum - 12 participants
Timing - at least 2 weeks in advance
Duration - 45 minutes


- all participants must fill their thermos with boiling water prior to beginning, preferrably with bottled spring water!
- arrange to pick up your kit at Northeast Tea House or we can arrange delivery for a fee

Gongfu Experience


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