A precursor to matcha, the heyday of the diancha method of tea was in the Song Dynasty when people had a tradition of doucha (literally “tea fight”), competing in the quality of tea leaves, poems written for the tea and tea art.  Also dubbed "white matcha",  our diancha is ground on our granite mill at very slow speeds to insure that heat does not break down the leaves. We're currently milling using Fuding Shou Mei Mini Wafers that are broken apart and sifted 3x before running through the mill before one more sifting. The process yields roughly 50 grams per hour.


We've been preparing our Diancha using 2 scoops and roughly 6 ounces of water ... whisking as you would for matcha.


Interestingly - the caffeine hit from Diancha comes on fast and intense before toning down and lingering in a smoother way.  Again, very different than matcha!

Diancha "White Matcha" - 20g Tin

  • The flavor is quite different than matcha - not nearly as vegetal nor does it have strong umami.  There is more of a forest / mushroom and floral tone that is smooth and very pleasing. A number of customers who do not like matcha really enjoy Diancha.