Post-Opening Update!

I am writing in our third week of being open and am writing with joy! What fun it has been so far! There have of course been challenges, and the strange world in which we now find ourselves has no doubt compounded the hurdle of getting people in the door of a young business. Nonetheless, the responses we’ve received have been incredibly encouraging.

Many who have been following our journey to this point have already visited, and it has been so great to finally meet you! I already get the sense that there will be a contingent of tea lovers who will find a wonderful community at our tea house, especially once we are able to host events, tastings, and so on. I really cannot wait for that day to come!

Meanwhile, many others have come in with no prior knowledge or experience with tea besides the use of tea bags – and have loved it. Whether they’ve tried our matcha, iced tea, or gongfu service, the positive responses are so exciting to witness. I still remember the first time I thought: “I had no clue tea could taste that good!” It is a magical moment! That is one of the things I love most about tea: no matter who you are, it will welcome you. The process of gongfu brewing, or mindful tea consumption in general, seems to very reliably calm anyone down. When drinking tea with others, furthermore, it facilitates great conversation and connection. I could write at length on this, but I am learning that the most eloquent expression of tea's charm comes from simply sipping it oneself. That is to say, tea is the real star of the show, but I am so happy to have created a space in which it can really shine.

Now it seems as though fall has suddenly arrived. Meanwhile, the state of the world has kept all of us in a prolonged state of anxiety. This is largely why it is so rewarding to hear that the intent of Northeast Tea House – to provide a safe-haven and break from daily worries – is not lost on our guests. Hearing from customers that they are more relaxed at the end of their tea sessions than at the beginning has only strengthened our resolve to keep moving forward, even in the midst of this difficult time. As for the sudden onset of fall, it is, thankfully, always sunny by our aquarium! Additionally, there is always a tea well-suited to any type of weather – and mood – so there is no such thing as an ugly day in our little shop!

I am looking forward to continuing to share tea and this beautiful space with all of you, and cannot express my gratitude to be able to do so nearly enough. Nonetheless, thank you to everyone who has made this possible, even if only by lending moral support! Because of the efforts of countless people, we now have something truly special in Northeast Minneapolis – hopefully something that will provide benefit for many years to come!

Thanks for reading and for you support!


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