How a Tea House Gets Built Part 2

Wow. Northeast Tea House is really coming together! It’s been amazing to see the space slowly but surely transform into a beautiful, calming tea house. In the interest of completely documenting this process, let’s pick up where we left off!

Tiles, concrete, more tiles…

As you may recall, I spent a good deal of time removing the old tiles and revealing the concrete beneath them. Just when I thought I was done, it turns out that to create an even floor, that concrete needed to come up next. Thankfully, with my parents back in town, I had some extra muscle! No hammer drills for this one; we used steel picks and heavy mallets to break up the floor…only to reveal more tiles! Thankfully, we didn't need to remove those as well, but it does leave one wondering just how many layers of flooring there are here...

Meanwhile, we removed (destroyed) just about everything we could during this time, rendering the space more chaotic than I ever could have envisioned! That something so beautiful could rise out of such a mess seems very poetic. Slowly but surely, however, we cleaned it up, and got it ready for the next stages.

First thing’s first, we built a wall in the passageway that once led to the neighboring Bruegger’s Bagels. It had previously been closed off, but the only barrier was a bookshelf that let through way too much noise. Additionally, we squared-off the soffit that hangs above the service area.

Then, the real fun began: we patched holes in the drywall then covered the space from floor-to-ceiling in textured plaster to give it more of a rustic look. From there, we spent three days painting everything but the bricks and ceiling an off-white. The space is infinitely brighter now! It is much easier for me to envision spending time here in the middle of winter now that it won’t feel so dark!

Finally, we had the white oak floors installed. I think the pictures speak for themselves:

And here's a before and after!

I'm so thrilled with how this is turning out! It's really an amazing process to watch and be a part of. One day soon, we'll be sharing this space in person!

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