KŌDŌ Incense

How It Works

A hot coal is placed wirthin a bowl of ash, then covered with the ash. A mica plate is put on top of the the ash, and incense is placed on top of the mica plate. This releases the volatile compounds in the incense without any smoke. It is a very shareable experience, the perfect accompaniment to tea, and should emit a strong scent for at least 50 minutes.

Raw Woods - sweet, warm and quite intoxicating

Indonesian Aloeswood - $15

Tsukigase, Vietnamese Aloeswood - $20

Sandalwood Chips - $12

Neriko/Kneaded Incense - blended with aged apricot and honey

Ume-Gaka/Frangrant Plum - $10

Sai-Un/Brilliant Cloud - $17

Kodo Incense 02.jpg