House-Milled Matcha

We are one of only two operating matcha mills in the country and mill daily. This makes our matcha incredibly smooth and creamy, free of the astringency of lower quality or older matcha. On top of that, there is a certain  impossible-to-describe-in-words quality and fragrance to matcha just off the mill that just needs to be experienced to be understood! We offer three different matcha cultivars, as well as a blend of all three. The base tea leaves (tencha) comes from early spring pickings in Uji, the traditional tea-growing region in Japan.

All cultivars were harvested in Spring of 2020 and are sold in 20g tins.

Tasting Notes
Mill City Blend - a blend of all three cultivars to balance umami, vegetal and spicy flavor notes.
Samidori - a "rich" feeling in the mouth with nice umami and vegetal notes
Okumidori - smooth and floral. A very easy matcha to enjoy.
Asahi - incredible umami and creaminess.
Zaizai (rare) - slight lime-zest flavor accompanied by notes of banana and other tropical fruits
Plum Blossom (rare) - Floral tasting, but also brew up with a unique steamed bun flavor

We are so sure you will love fresh matcha from Northeast Tea House
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