From the beginning we've planned on holding a wide range of evening tea, meditation, discussion and artistic events in our space. Alas, COVID-19 has forced us to change our plans. Still, there a few thing we can do safely ... though during the day, not in the evening, and with fewer, more widely spaced guests. 

We hope you'll join us and look forward to the day when we can expand our event calendar!

Each Tea Flight event includes tasting notes from Simon, our Head Tea Guy, and features house-made baked goods. 

October 3-4

Japanese Green Tea

$11 for 3 small pitchers, $14 for 3 larger pitchers

  • Wasencha Midori

  • Gyokuro Gokoma

  • Okumidori Kamairicha

October 10-11

Purple Tea

$13 for 3 small pitchers, $16 for 3 larger pitchers

  • Purple Pig Sheng

  • Ebullient Ripe-Raw Blend

  • Purple Buds Black

Purple tea is a natural mutation of the tea plant, whereby the leaves acquire a purple tint even before picking and processing. This means purple tea leaves are relatively uncommon. They also have a higher proportion of anthocyanin antioxidants, and tend to acquire a bright, fruity and tropical character.

October 17-18

Shou Mei Cakes

$12 for 3 small pitchers, $15 for 3 larger pitchers

  • Man Gang Gu Shu

  • Shou Mei Mini Wafers

  • 2014 Chen Niun

Shou Mei is a class of white tea distinguished by its bud-to-leaf ratio in the finished tea. Shou Mei has one bud to every three or four leaves. This makes for a more robust flavor and heavier texture. Especially once pressed into “cakes” and aged, Shou Mei develops a body similar to a black tea or some oolongs, while maintaining the smoothness and lack of astringency that is more typical of white tea.

October 24-25

Vietnamese Wild Teas

$13 for 3 small pitchers, $16 for 3 larger pitchers

  • Snow Princess Sheng

  • Forest Genie Sheng

  • Five Penny Green

Although teas from Vietnam are not as easy to find, they come from the same tea growing region as Pu’er tea. This is the region where tea originated, and is populated by ancient tea forests. The teas in this sampler are wild-foraged from these primeval forests by local villagers, and represent a pure expression of this underappreciated terroir.

October 31- Nov 1

Red Oolong

$14 for 3 small pitchers, $17 for 3 larger pitchers

  • Roselle Nectar

  • Bug Bitten GABA

  • GABA

This is a new style of oolong that involves experimental processing methods, yielding an oolong that is darker, heavy and sweet, without relying on heavy roasting to impart these flavors. The term “red” is used loosely here, to refer to the higher oxidation of these oolong teas, which gives them some characteristics of black teas.

Nov 8 - 9

Green Oolong

$12 for 3 small pitchers, $15 for 3 larger pitchers

  • Samidori Oolong

  • Bao Zhong

  • Jin Xuan

Oolongs with less oxidation and low no nonexistent roasting are becoming increasingly popular, as tea fans are loving brighter, fruitier and floral notes and refreshing character of these teas.