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Matcha Experience

Each member of the group receives everything needed to prepare matcha in the traditional way. The group is led via Zoom (or other) by Northeast Tea House Founder and Head Tea Guy, Simon Parish, who will provide a profile of the differences between matcha and other teas, an explanation of tasting notes, a description of its energizing health benefits, and enthusiasm about being only the 2nd location in the USA that mills matcha on a hand-crafted granite mill imported from Japan.


  • Matcha Bowl

  • Bamboo Whisk

  • Matcha Scoop

  • 16 oz Thermos

  • 10g Tin of Matcha (5 servings)



Cost - $45/participant
Minimum - 5 participants
Maximum - 12 participants
Timing - at least 2 weeks in advance
Duration - 30 minutes
Optional - add'l 10g tin of a different cultivar; $14 per


- all participants must fill their thermos with boiling water prior to beginning, preferrably with bottled spring water
- kits will be delivered at no charge to a single location within the Twin Cities metro or shipped/delivered to each participant for a fee.