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The origins of matcha date back over a thousand years to China and Japan, where today’s approach to matcha preparation and drinking was later refined.  Almost all the tea leaves used to produce matcha are grown in a very specific region in Japan, in a manner that differs substantially from other tea leaves.  Matcha is the very fine powder produced from the precise milling of those special tea leaves, known as tencha.

Traditional matcha preparation involves rapid whisking of matcha powder (ceremonial grade, EXTREMELY FINE) into hot water.  With matcha, freshness counts, as the milled powder degrades with time.  Northeast Tea House is extremely proud to be only the second location in the country that currently mills tencha into fresh matcha on premise using authentic hand-carved Japanese matcha millstones. Matcha is known for its energizing properties without the jitters that often accompany similarly caffeinated coffee drinks. 


For the Northeast Tea House matcha experience, each participant receives everything needed to prepare the matcha. Your group will meet either in person or via Zoom (or other) for a lesson on preparation and tasting. You will also hear an explanation of the techniques used to grow the leaves, a discussion of the intersection of tea culture and meditation, and an overview of the many observed benefits of matcha.  

Each participant receives:

  • An authentic ceramic Matcha bowl, made in Japan

  • Bamboo Whisk

  • Matcha Scoop

  • 16 oz Thermos/travel cup

  • 10g Tin of Matcha (5 servings)



  • Cost - $45/participant

  • Minimum - 5 participants

  • Maximum - 12 participants if on premises

  • Timing - as available in store; at least 2 weeks in advance for remote

  • Duration - 30 minutes

  • Optional - add'l 10g tin of a different cultivar; $14 per additional tin

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